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Janet Ballonoff The Author

Meet Janet Ballonoff

Author, Speaker & Marketing Strategy Expert

Janet Ballonoff
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Janet Ballonoff is a dynamic and accomplished author and speaker, boasting over two decades of experience across diverse industries. Her expertise spans SaaS, enterprise IT, e-learning, and healthcare nonprofits, acquired through working with startups and small to medium-sized companies.

Janet's educational background is equally impressive. She holds a Bachelor's degree in English from Bowling Green State University and a Master's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing from Johns Hopkins University. Throughout her career, Janet's passion for effective communication and strategic thinking has propelled her into various roles, including PR, communications, events planning, website development, and online demand generation.

What truly distinguishes Janet is her remarkable ability to transform ideas into tangible results. With an innovative mindset and a talent for collaboration, she excels in driving revenue growth for small businesses and startups. Janet's innovative thinking and impact on revenue generation make her highly sought after in the industry.

As the Founder & Principal Consultant for Marketing Strategy Solutions, Janet works closely with clients as a collaborative partner in developing effective marketing strategies. Her unique blend of skills and expertise empowers businesses to achieve their goals by translating abstract concepts into concrete results. Janet's proven track record of success in fast-paced and ambiguous environments positions her as the go-to expert for building marketing competencies and driving business growth.

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